Spanish Arab Magazine hosts the Sultanate of Oman at a fashion event in Madrid

H.R.H. The Infanta Margarita, guest of honor, at an event organized by Spanish Arab Magazine, hosting the Sultanate of Oman in Madrid, Spain

Spanish Arab Magazine offered a fashion afternoon aimed at promoting cultural fusion between Arab countries and Spain. On this occasion, the Sultanate of Oman سلطنة مسقط وعمان‎  was the guest country. HRH the Infanta Margarita attended as guest of honor.

The Omani, Rokaya Al Fawri; the Spaniards Javier Quintela, and Maria LaMadrid; Nicolas Besson who came especially from Paris, presented their proposals at the Real Casino de Madrid, in Madrid.

Accompanying H.R.H. Doña Margarita were Soumaya Akbib, the editor and president of the Spanish Arab Magazine; Princess Beatriz of Orleans, the honorary president of the Art & Culture Without Borders Foundation, Cristina Serra, Marchioness of Murrieta, Daniel San Martín Viscasillas, Yasa Al-Hajri, First Secretary of the Embassy of Oman in Spain; Roberta Azzopardi, wife of the Ambassador of Cyprus, Marcos Margot Puente, and Esther Saez de Nenito Jiménez.  José Manuel González Moreno, vice president of the Casino de Madrid, accompanied by Marcos Arbeloa Losada & Miguel Ángel Hernando, Treasurer and Secretary respectively of the Real Casino who organized the event in combination with the Spanish Arab Magazine,

An afternoon of fusion of fashion, art and culture enlivened by the Arab dancer Sahra Ardah, the piano of the great Pablo Sebastián on the piano, and a moment of opera by the soprano María Rodriguez.

Calzados FANJUL completed the afternoon with a prize won in the long-awaited raffle held at each event of Spanish Arab Magazine.

The protagonists:

Javier Quintela: A icon in his native Galicia, Javier has trained over more than 10 years at the most influential fashion brands on the international scene such as Inditex, Caramelo or Carolina Herrera. In 2010 he decided to make his passion for haute couture his work and his way of life, creating the Atelier in the heart of his hometown, La Corunna, in Spain.

Craftmanship, detail, Javier personalizes each piece according to the wearer, is his way of working putting closeness and heart in an increasingly standardized world. In the words of Javier himself:

"I love fashion, art, nature, architecture, andand natural elegance. I live life with passion and find inspiration every day in everything around me.

In each of my designs I try to capture that passion for my work, for beauty, for getting the best out of myself, but above all of each woman."

María LaMadrid; is a recently created- May 2020- firm specializing in luxury lingerie, in Spain. They identified a niche for a need for beautiful and original lingerie, like that worn “once upon a time”, and not seen or found anymore.  

The collection is inspired by a classic design, crafted with choice fabric, lace, hand embroidered to offer a new and exclusive air, adapting the classic to these times.

Inspired by the romantic. A return to those fabrics and lace of our great-grandmothers, a disappearing tradition, for a woman to feel truly elegant, at all times.

Handmade in Spain, Maria LaMadrid also relies on Liberty Fabrics, the classic quality and creativity Spain  is known for which prevails all over the brand.

Rokaya Al Fawri is a reference in her native country, the Sultanate of Oman. Rokaya is known for her work caring for and respecting the Omani ornamental and handmade tradition, which varies according to the regions of the Sultanate.  

Each garment in the collection is a work of art depicting each region of the Sultanate's culture with traditional details. Hand-embroidered silks, with rhinestones, bright ornamentation, and gold touches, to draw a classic silhouette with a modern touch, for an international woman.

The young French designer, Nicolas Besson, came specially from Paris and presented a collection of tailor-cut and quality fabrics inspired by the Hollywood films of the sixties, the years of American glamour with that touch of Matisse, the painter.  Elegant, timeless, handcrafted pieces, clean cuts without forgetting the current trends. Metallic, linen, silk, a luxury tailoring worked with advanced and sustainable techniques

His natural talent was born in his childhood, learning and perfecting his technique with some of the best world-renowned fashion brands: Balmain, Yamamomo, Carven, and McQueen... In 2016, he opened his own atelier, under the brand name NICOLAS BESSON.

Individual interviews in b-roll format for editorial use.
Ver Rokaya Al Fawri del Sultanato de Omán
Rokaya Al Fawri del Sultanato de Omán
Ver Rokaya Al Fawri
Rokaya Al Fawri
Ver Rokaya Al Fawri
Rokaya Al Fawri
Ver Maria Diaz para Maria LaMadrid
Maria Diaz para Maria LaMadrid
Ver Maria Diez- Maria LaMadrid
Maria Diez- Maria LaMadrid
Ver Maria Diez para Maria LaMadrid
Maria Diez para Maria LaMadrid
Ver Nicolás Besson
Nicolás Besson
Ver Nicolás Besson
Nicolás Besson
Ver Nicolás Besson 12
Nicolás Besson 12
Ver  Javier Quintela, diseñador gallego
Javier Quintela, diseñador gallego
Ver Javier Quintela
Javier Quintela
Ver Javier Quintela, diseñador gallego
Javier Quintela, diseñador gallego


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Photography: Morgana y Picard 

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Spanish Arab Magazine offered a fashion afternoon aimed at promoting cultural fusion between Arab countries and Spain. On this occasion, the Sultanate of Oman سلطنة مسقط وعمان‎  was the guest country. HRH the Infanta Margarita attended as guest of
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