FITUR 2023 success exceeds all expectations

Tremendous success for the tourism industry seen at FITUR 2023

FITUR 2023, inaugurated on January 18,  by the King and Queen of Spain, at the Ifema Fair-grounds in Madrid, has exceeded all expectations, bringing together 136,000 professionals in its first three days and recording a 68% increase in visits compared to the previous year.

The fair showcased the great dynamism of the entire tourism industry and the good prospects for growth worldwide.

Attendees expressed satisfaction with the extensive business transactions and contacts made, and the high attendance figures were close to the historical record of FITUR 2020.

The fair featured 8,500 participants, 131 countries, 755 exhibitors, and over 66,900 square meters of exhibition space. Additionally, the LIVEConnect platform recorded 40,000 registrations, a 29% increase from the previous year.

The event also received institutional support and visits from authorities from the five continents, with Guatemala as the host country.

In total, 222,000 visitors enjoyed the fair, which was held at IFEMA MADRID from January 18 to 22. The event also received wide international media coverage, with 6,300 journalists accredited, and a growth of 3,724 followers on social media platforms.

It was also announced that Ecuador will be the FITUR Partner Country in the next edition of the fair, to be held in January 2024.


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