Best Spanish Meat to showcase at the 35th Salon de Gourmets

Top hamburgers, Asturian “Cachopo”, steak tartar and Ibérico acorn-fed ham cutting contest, in an astonishing display of Spain’s high-quality meat sector, at the 35th Salon de Gourmets to be celebrated in Madrid, from April 25 to 28, at Ifema Madrid.

Best Burger in Spain

Vanessa San José, from the Madrid restaurant La Bistroteca, was the winner of the I Burger Combat Hamburger Spanish Burger Championship Gourmets / Lantmännen  at a first and very crowded hamburger contest held at the 34th Salon de Gourmets in 2021. Vanessa celebrated her win in tribute to the Island La Palma, in the Canary Islands going through a hard time.

San José’s will be the best hamburger in Spain until April 25 when the II Burger Combat Hamburger Spanish Burger Championship Gourmets / Lantmännen 2022, will take place.  In addition to the bun from the Lantmännen Unibake group, the burger must also contain sauce, meat, and other ingredients of their choice. From classic to avant-garde, this competition elevates the hamburger to gourmet status.

Mikel Galán Blanco, El Búho Rojo (Vizcaya)
Miguel Ángel Martín, El Rancho de Santa África (Madrid)
Joan Aznar Rodriguez, El Poble Gastroburger (Valencia)
Luis Gutiérrez, Pemon Sensaciones Ahumadas (Madrid)
Ariana Schonborn, Apache Grill (Alicante)
Carmen Cortes Almodóvar, Little John Burger & Things (Cádiz)


* This year's winner is Mikel Galán, from El Búho Rojo in #Bilbao wins the #BurgerCombat at the #salongourmets # SG22 “Cheese Bacon Mediterrasian Gourmet” was chosen as Spain's Best Gourmet Burger at an event organized by @GrupoGourmets and Lantmännen Unibake @LantmannenUK #foodies #Madrid

Cisoria, or the art of cutting meat

The most skillful knife-cutters are ready to sign up for the III Art of Knife Meat Cutting National Competition, Cisoria, or the art of cutting meat.

So, what is this all about? In the 15 Century, the Marquess of Villena wrote an elaborated treaty on the art of meat cutting and serving meat; Cisoria, the original Spanish word. The II  National Cisoria Art Championship Encinar de Humienta / Grupo Gourmets, is aimed to professionals who practice their activity in Spain, recovering the relevance of this basic, yet a difficult art to master. Contestants will first need to cut up a beef piece provided by El Encinar de Humienta and then elaborate steak tartar, one of the dishes that requires more ability and elegance with a knife. A Samurai cook is required!

Last, but not least, the 28th Ham Cutting Contest organized by Dehesa de Extremadura, a traditional at the Salon de Gourmets.

First organized in 1994, six contestants compete to prove their cutting skills to get the most out of a Ibérico acorn-fed will face a jury of professionals who value factors such as: thickness and length of the slice, straightness of the cut, presentation, neatness and speed among other aspects. On April 25, the contestants have an hour and a half to elaborate the perfect Iberico ham plate to become the Best Ham Cutter of Spain at the “Ham Cutting Contest, Dehesa de Extremadura”.

Best Asturian Cachopo

Cachopo- Asturian style veal cutlet- is a traditional dish of breaded beef filled with meat and cheese. A meat dish served all over Spain, Asturians are unbeatable at the art of Cachopo.  

Three restaurants from the region won last years the Best Asturian-Style Veal Cutlet, Cachopo Contest organized by their PGI (Asturian Veal  Regulatory Board)

At present and until April 7, a jury is undercover visiting every registered restaurant to choose the 12 finalists that will fight for the title at the 5th edition to be held at #SG35 on April 25.

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