Art & Culture without Borders Foundation designs Covid face masks with national flags, for charity.

ACWB has designed masks with flags from Spain, Lebanon, Tibet, Oman, UAE and Morocco, to raise funds for their different charity projects.

The Art & Culture without Borders Foundation has designed protective Covid face masks with national flags to raise funds for charity.

The masks are manufactured in Portugal, are EU approved and can be washed up to 25 times. They have been designed as protective masks against COVID-19, but also as a solidary project to obtain funds for the different charity projects and ONG's the Art & Culture without Borders Foundation supports.

Being a Spanish foundation, the first of these masks was the SPAIN mask. As from the 11th January, the Lebanese masks will be ready for  sale to raise funds for the SOS Beirut. The Tibet mask is an initiative to raise funds for Tibetan ONG's. Funds from the facemasks with flags from the Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Morocco will be for the different NGO's working with the Foundation..

The original idea was born from and idea created by the Moroccan artist Youssef Chreiba (Instagram youssef. chreiba)  who designed an Instagram application where users could make a selfie with a virtual mask with flags of sister countries, in support of the various catastrophic situations happening at that time. The relevance of these selfies captured the interest of many followers. Among them,  the Art & Culture Without Borders Foundation felt from the beginning, it would a great idea to materialize and take online.

The masks are sold through the foundation's  website at a price of 4 euros and the profits from the sale will be dedicated to the foundation's own social projects, with the exception of the projects in Tibet and Lebanon. ACWB trust that millions of Spaniards who are proud of our wonderful country will use these masks and so will the nationals of the other countries or those who want to support Lebanon and Tibet.


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