"Madrid Excelente" certifies seven new companies

Cabify, Bufete Casadeley, Asociación Creando Huellas, Diabetes Madrid, Domenico Catering, ESIC Business & Marketing School, and Talita Madrid, certified with the Madrid Excelente seal


Madrid Excelente is a quality seal endorsed by the government of the Community of Madrid. The seal is awarded to companies that strive for excellence in management, innovation, environmental and social sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Organizations of all sectors and sizes, both public and private, local and international, have already obtained the Madrid Excelente seal and increase their profitability every year

The Community of Madrid recognizes seven new companies with its Madrid Excelente business quality seal. Cabify, Bufete Casadeley, Asociación Creando Huellas, Diabetes Madrid, Domenico Catering, ESIC Business & Marketing School, and Talita Madrid have been certified after a rigorous evaluation process carried out by independent professionals from the most prestigious certification companies in Spain. 

The Managing Director of the Madrid Competitividad Foundation and Madrid Excelente, Rafael Barberá, highlighted the pride it represents for the region that every year new companies decide to undergo this evaluation process motivated by a desire for continuous improvement. With the addition of these seven new companies, Madrid Excelente has certified a total of 733 organizations since its inception in 2001.

Madrid Excelente companies span across all sectors and sizes, but they share a series of common values, such as their commitment to management focused on progress, caring for the planet, improving people's lives, as well as their capacity for innovation and effective management.

The companies distinguished with the Madrid Excelente seal increase consumer confidence, improve their profitability, and receive the endorsement of the Community of Madrid. The seal, Madrid Excelente, serves as a validation for these companies, enhancing their image and reputation among clients and organizations. By being part of the Madrid Excelente network, these companies have the opportunity to share experiences with like-minded organizations and establish synergies with the administration. Various activities, such as forums, institutional visits, and national and international business meetings, are organized to facilitate networking and knowledge exchange.

Continuous learning is emphasized within the Madrid Excelente framework, offering professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage in ongoing training through courses, seminars, and publications covering various areas of expertise. Additionally, an annual technical report is prepared for each organization, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. This report serves as a valuable tool for measuring excellence and differentiation in the face of competition.

By participating in the Madrid Excelente program, companies not only enhance their reputation but also strive for increased competitiveness and profitability. By improving their internal management systems and operational efficiency, these organizations achieve greater effectiveness and ultimately deliver higher-quality services to their customers. Continuous process improvement is a key aspect of the program, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

Innovation is another crucial aspect emphasized by Madrid Excelente. Through annual monitoring and continuous review, companies are encouraged to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of their respective industries and embrace innovation as a means of staying ahead. This forward-thinking approach enables organizations to anticipate future challenges, evaluate opportunities and risks, and establish a solid foundation for growth and success.

Visibility and notoriety are essential for the companies associated with Madrid Excelente. The program aims to showcase their excellent actions and achievements through both internal and external communication channels, further enhancing their visibility and reputation in the market. Additionally, Madrid Excelente provides support to companies in their candidacies for prestigious awards such as the CEX Awards for Good Practices and the Quality Innovation Awards, recognizing their outstanding contributions and innovative practices.

Ultimately, Madrid Excelente prepares organizations for the future by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to tackle emerging challenges. With a structured approach and a focus on seizing opportunities, managing risks, and embracing innovation, Madrid Excelente companies are well-positioned to navigate the dynamic business landscape and thrive in their respective industries.


About Cabify

Cabify is a multimobility platform born in Madrid, offering different alternatives to reduce urban travel in private cars, using technology to make cities better places to live. After eleven years of transforming the way people move around the city, it has over 42 million registered users, more than 1,000 employees, and 1.2 million collaborating drivers and taxi drivers. Among its actions, Cabify has stood out for conducting impact studies in cities and internalizing its purpose, with a focus on innovation and sustainability in all its activities. It is worth noting that in 2018, the company became the first carbon-neutral platform in its sector. Since then, it globally offsets its emissions and those of its passengers, committing to annual reduction goals.

About Bufete Casadeley

Bufete Casadeley is a law firm specializing in corporate law with a long tradition in Spain. It was founded in 1985 by Javier San Martín, a renowned labor lawyer awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of San Raimundo de Peñafort by the Ministry of Justice. Its team of over 40 professionals provides comprehensive legal and management coverage for companies in various sectors, such as agri-food, banking, logistics, and healthcare. External evaluators who assessed Bufete Casadeley's management highlighted the organization's commitment to its clearly defined purpose, which is deployed and completed in each service proposal, clearly identifying the organization's identity. They also recognized the company's responsibility towards its employees.

About Asociación Creando Huellas

Asociación Creando Huellas is an entity that promotes comprehensive social intervention focused on vulnerable people at risk of social exclusion in the Community of Madrid. Their approach is centered on empowering individuals to make decisions, establish values, define priorities, and assume responsibilities autonomously and effectively. Independent evaluators have valued the high level of professionalism in the association's management and strategy, which is defined by its mission, vision, and values and implemented through its strategic plan for 2023-2025.

About Diabetes Madrid

Diabetes Madrid is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides education, assistance, and advice to people with diabetes and their families in the Community of Madrid. It was established as the heir of the Asociación de Diabéticos Españoles and has become a reference in the region, as evidenced by its significant number of members and alliances with sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, and insurance. In their management, the organization's reliance on volunteers and the percentage of women in leadership positions stand out, exceeding the sector's average.

About Domenico Catering

Domenico Catering focuses on corporate services and was founded by Rubén Tabernero 20 years ago. Their style is characterized by attention to detail in presentation and the quality of the products they use, prioritizing local suppliers with an ecological production seal. The evaluation of Catering Domenico highlighted their commitment to environmental sustainability, demonstrated by the daily use of compostable materials and an electric vehicle fleet. They also provide energy-saving awareness to employees and associated companies. Their contribution to society includes volunteer initiatives, sponsorships, and promoting the employment of socially disadvantaged youth through partnerships with NGOs and non-profit organizations.

About ESIC Business & Marketing School

After certifying ESIC University in the previous quality commission, ESIC Business & Marketing School has obtained the Madrid Excelente quality seal, reaffirming its mission to provide education in Business, Management, and Technology to individuals with a global and comprehensive vision throughout their professional careers. With the aim of transforming their students to successfully navigate their professional lives responsibly and become agents of change in organizations and society, ESIC Business & Marketing School contributes to their formation by providing knowledge, developing competencies, and promoting values to meet current and future challenges in the business world at all levels.

About Talita Madrid

The Talita Madrid Foundation has been working for over ten years to fully integrate children and young people with intellectual disabilities into mainstream environments from the early stages of their lives. It is the only social organization in the capital dedicated exclusively to offering inclusive educational services to families and schools. Their mission is to promote the integration of children with specific educational needs into mainstream educational institutions, supporting families and schools through personalized attention from experts in this educational approach. They also provide training and support for each individual's integration into the workforce and society throughout their lives. During the evaluation, Talita Madrid stood out for its commitment to the principle of People, particularly in terms of compliance with gender equality in leadership positions, clearly surpassing the sector's average in operational areas.multi mobility

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