ACWB global art competition for children and teens

The NGO Art & Culture without Borders has organized a global painting and photography competition for children and adolescents in these times of COVID-19.

The NGO Art & Culture without Borders has organized a global painting and photography competition for children and adolescents in these times of COVID-19.

Prolonged school closure and home confinement during a disease outbreak such as Covid-19 could have negative effects on children's physical and mental health. Such negative effects on health are likely to be much worse when children are confined to their homes without outdoor activities and interaction with same aged friends during the outbreak. The World Health Organisation recommended allowing children to express emotions through creative activities such as drawing and painting. For this reason Art & Culture without Borders has organised a global contest for children and teenagers during this time of confinement as art is a symbolic language. Creating artwork is a non-threatening venue that allows kids to tackle tough issues in a creative way.

The contest will be divided into three age groups: 5 to 10, 10-15 and 15-18 years old.

The suggested size for the works is A3 size (297-420 mm), technique of the choice of the participants and the subject is as they wish, giving free rein to the imagination of each participant.

The works should be photographed and submitted by email by the 15th May 2020 to

The selected works by our panel of judges formed by our contributing artists will be sent by post to our Foundation’s address.The winners of each age group will receive a prize from our sponsor ECOALF and all the painting will be exhibited and sold to raise money for families affected by the Covid -19 around the world through other NGOs that we will be collaborating with.


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Video de Pakistan ACWB
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Drawings and paintings:

Kico Camacho

Paulina Parra

Francesca Marti

Blanca Cuesta


Anamaria Chediak

Maricruz Sanz de Aja

Alice Kandell

Ver Soumaya Akhib, President ACWB
Soumaya Akhib, President ACWB
Ver Javier Goyeneche, President ECOALF Foundation
Javier Goyeneche, President ECOALF Foundation

Our Sponsor: ECOALF

ECOALF is a fashion brand that is truly sustainable. Created by Javier Goyeneche in 2009:

"After the birth of my sons, Alfredo and Alvaro - ECOALF is named after them - , I was reflecting upon the world we would leave to the next generation and my frustration with the excessive use of the world’s natural resources.

By integrating breakthrough technology ECOALF create clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials…without actually looking like it.”  ECOALF represents the fabrics for the future generations.

The History of the ECOALF Foundation is the story of Upcycling the Oceans, an unprecedented global adventure born in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015. The aim is to clean the oceans of marine waste with the help of the fishing industry and to give a second life to plastic waste through recycling and closing the loop. Currently, the ECOALF Foundation together with ECOEMBES and Upcycling the Oceans Thailand, with the support of PTT Global Chemical and the Thai government, is coordinating the Upcycling the Oceans project in Spain and is working on its implementation in other parts of the world. It also collaborates on other projects in the fields of waste management, environmental awareness or research and development with institutions with which it shares common values and objectives. Today we are present in 42 ports collaborating with over 3000 fishermen and taking out more than 500 tons of waste from the bottom of the ocean. Our mission is to continue to replicate this across the rest of the Mediterranean Sea starting in Greece, Italy…

It is not only about upcycling the oceans, but also about fighting on other fronts, especially in the field of prevention through environmental education. The foundation works to increase awareness on the opportunity that the recycling industry represents through presentations to various target groups.

How to participate:

Works must be photographed and submitted before the 15th May 2020 by email to


This information, videos and photgraphs are free of rights for editorial use.

Français- Concours mondial de peinture organisé par la Fondación Art & Culture without Borders 

En español: Concurso de dibujo, pintura y fotografía para niños y jóvenes organizado por Art & Culture without Borders

About Art & Culture without Borders

Art & Culture without Borders, whose founder and president, Soumaya Akbib and Princess Beatrice of Orleans​​, whose mission is the celebration of our common humanity through art and culture as a link between people of different ethnic backgrounds and religions, through cooperate with other civil society organizations and government intitutions

  • The preservation of indigenous traditions and cultures.
  • Promote the cultural heritage as a fundamental right because every human being should be able to enjoy, have access to and participate in their cultural heritage.
  • Promote cultural freedom and its diversity.
  • Organize inter-cultural projects to strengthen the bonds of trust and reconciliation between peoples.
  • Defense of culture in a social context with the aim of creating a more harmonious and happy world by collaborating with official institutions and non-governmental organizations.

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